Tire mobility system

Instant Mobility System – The DUNLOP TECH tire mobility system

Also known in the after-market as DUNLOP TECH Fill & Go

For more than twenty years we have been developing and manufacturing tire mobility systems which allow emergency repair in about 90% of all tire puncture cases. (Damage such as cuts or cracks in the tire cannot be repaired in this way.) The product name, Instant Mobility System (IMS), conveys its function.

Used in case of a tire puncture, it allows all motorists to help themselves to restore mobility on a short-term basis, without effort, dirt and only a minimum of technical skill.

In 1995 we developed our tire mobility system in co-operation with the automotive industry and today we are the market leader. For many years already the automotive industry, with the manufacture of new vehicles, has replaced the spare wheel by a tire mobility system to save space, weight, fuel and CO2 emissions.
To date, the DUNLOP TECH Instant Mobility System has been installed in over 100 models by well-known automobile manufacturers.

For motorists who have no tire mobility system in their vehicle retrofitting is possible anytime without problems. A small case weighing no more than ca. 2 kg fits easily. If you are interested in buying our mobility kit please ask for Fill & Go by DUNLOP TECH. As far as packaging and product name are concerned, we have adjusted to the needs of the trade. The product quality remains the same, of course.

tire mobility kit