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Frequently asked questions about the DUNLOP TECH mobility kit

Question: What exactly is the DUNLOP TECH mobility kit?
Answer: The DUNLOP TECH mobility kit consists of a puncture sealant and a electronic air pump to reinflate the tire.

Q: When and how can I use the DUNLOP TECH mobility kit?
A: With our tire sealant you can seal defects in the tread and shoulder of the tire of up to 6 mm as well as in the sidewall area of up to 4 mm in size. This accounts for 90% of common tire damages.

Q: What is the difference between the mobility kit and the spare wheel?
A: Unlike the spare wheel, the tire sealant cannot be used in case of more severe damage, such as cracks, cuts, or tire blow-outs, which, however, occur only very rarely. On the other hand, the DUNLOP TECH mobility kit - unlike the spare wheel - allows you to help yourself very easily, very fast, and without any dirt in the overall majority (90%) of breakdown situations. Which usually takes far less time than waiting for the breakdown service. If, in addition to that, you do without the spare wheel, you will save up to 20 kg of weight and therefore both fuel and CO2. For this reason the mobility kit is not only easier to handle than the spare wheel but has the double advantage of being more economic as well as more protective to the environment.

Q: What does IMS mean?
A: IMS is short for "Instant Mobility System" - the name of our tire sealant. Through the name we describe the performance of our product: easy, clean, reliable, and unbeatably fast back on the road.

Q: Does DUNLOP TECH IMS safely seal tire punctures?
A: Yes. And that is what makes our tire sealant so special. We use natural rubber latex for its manufacture - the same substance which is also used for the production of tyres. Because of their identical raw material basis both elements - sealant and tire - are compatible and ensure safe compounding, even with extreme weather conditions (rain, snow, ice) and temperatures (between -30° and +70° Celsius). It is therefore safe to say that IMS seals punctures well with any weather and works reliably over longer distances. The TÜV has certified the long-distance performance of DUNLOP TECH IMS over at least 1,500 km.

Q: Can DUNLOP TECH IMS also be used for off-road vehicles/ SUVs and transporters?
A: Yes. It can be used for various tire sizes, irrespective of the tire type or brand.

Q: What do I do once the breakdown situation has been remedied?
A: You should go to the nearest repair workshop as soon as possible to have the damaged tire checked and, if necessary, replaced by an expert.

Q: What must be considered by the service technician when demounting a tire that has been filled with DUNLOP TECH sealant?
A: As far as the sealant is concerned, care must be taken simply to position the tire in such a way as to ensure that, during the demounting operation, the sealant is situated in the lower area of the tire and cannot be forced out through the valve. The sealant can be removed without leaving any residues. For more details see our instructions for tire demounting.

Q: How am I to dispose of the used sealant?
A: The DUNLOP TECH tire sealant is not subject to specific labelling and therefore does not form part of waste requiring special supervision but may, instead, be disposed of via the regional systems (similar to water-based paints and adhesives).

Q: For how long can the sealant DUNLOP TECH IMS be used?
A: Our sealant has a durability of five years, provided that the sealant is moved regulrly to stir it so that it does not harden or cure. This is done automatically if the sealant is carried in your moving vehicle.

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