Tire mobility system
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Is that puncture catching you at a bad time ...?

Simply stay mobile with the DUNLOP TECH mobility kit

While a puncture may occur relatively rarely, it is going to be an unpleasant experience in any case: The car has broken down at a dangerous place, the spare wheel is hard to access, and a wheel change is a chore not easy to accomplish by everyone. You have an urgent appointment, you are well-dressed to match the occasion, and waiting for the breakdown service is not exactly on your agenda … and is not necessary, either:

After all, in around 90% of all tire punctures, motorists are able to help themselves by performing an emergency repair - very easily, fast and without getting dirty: The DUNLOP TECH IMS sealant is simply pumped into the tire and the tire reinflated by the included electronic air pump. The whole mobility kit weighs - depending on the equipment - no more than between 1.5 and 2.5 kg, and the time required is no more than 10 minutes. There is not likely to be a faster way to re-establish one's mobility. And it won't take long before the journey can be continued. Tests made by the TÜV German Standards authority confirm reliability of the sealant for at least 1,500 km. Nevertheless, we recommend heading for the nearest repair shop without much delay in order to have the defective tire checked or changed. Fixing tire punctures with sealant is considered to be merely an emergency repair. The reliability of the sealant is based, above all, on its raw material; both sealant and tire contain natural rubber latex and are therefore compatible and will reliably combine. This applies with extreme weather conditions and temperatures of -30° to +70° Celsius.

The IMS tire sealant can be used to seal punctures caused by objects such as nails and screws of up to 6 mm in diameter, thus covering around 90% of all common puncture cases. This makes it possible to do without the spare wheel and no spare wheel in the boot means less weight and, therefore, reduces fuel consumption.

The DUNLOP TECH tire mobility kit does not only offer unbeatable advantages in case of a puncture but also helps save fuel costs, as well as CO2 and thus actively contributes to the protection of the environment.  

The DUNLOP TECH tire mobility system can be used with all passenger cars, off-road vehicles/ SUVs and transporters, irrespective of their tire type or brand. The tire mobility system is available for automotive manufacturers (IMS) and the general public (as Fill & Go) in different models with different methods and ease of use. Feel free to compare our product systems depending on your personal needs.

DUNLOP TECH tire mobility kit

Advantages at a glance



  • Makes an emergency repair possible
  • Allows short-term continued driving despite breakdown


  • Applicable for around 90% of tire breakdowns
  • All motorist can help themselves
  • No effort at all
  • Simple, clean and fast 


  • Reliably seals punctures of up to 6 mm
  • Works in all weather conditions and over a wide temperature range
  • TÜV-tested for long distance service


  • Does away with the spare wheel thus saving weight, fuel, and CO2 emissions